25 January 2008

LeT's sHArE mY eXpeRieNcE

Beginning from 1st June 2007 until 30th November 2007, I did my practical training at State Development Office at Seri Negeri, Ayer Keroh, Melaka. At there, I did my practical training under financial and management section. At this section, they make payment for contractor.
First time I sampai kt ofis tue, my supervisor take an emergency leave plak, so I duk jer sofa smpai kul 5 ptg..tue lar my first assignment,,hehe the next day I masuk ofis, my supervisor take an emergency leave again. But at this second day, all staff kena attend assembly include me..(mcm mse skul dlu plak kene attend assembly tiap2 awal bulan..hehe)
My jobs at this section are key in indent and voucher number into daftar bill book. Then, print voucher using by e-spkb system. I did this job every day because this payment happens every day. Beside that, I did bank reconciliation and calculate salary for contract worker every month. After do salary, print their pay slip. Besides that, information technology officer wants me to help him make system about daftar bill book. This system is using Microsoft visual basic and Microsoft access. I also update vot book for payment under state.
I learn more detailed about Microsoft visual basic from information technology officer because when at UITM, I just studying basic about Microsoft visual basic in AIS150 subject. Then, I learn more about company account such as bank reconciliation and vot book. Beside learn about finance and information system, I also learn about office management such as inventory, enclose daily letter and key in daily letter into tindak system.
Staff who in charge payment contractor teach me process to make payment using e-spkb system from daftar bill, exist contractor name, exist voucher number, submit to officer for make ‘perakuan’ and the claim is in process to accountancy department at Melaka branches. Mane contractor yg wat pinjaman dgn mara or bank rakyat, diorang akan datang ke ofis for take their cek but contractor yg tak wat pinjaman, their claim stret bank in into their bank account. Kdg2 klakar bile de contractor yg tak sbr2 nk amik their cek, call ofis byk kali padahal br anta claim smlm tp de jugak yg tak dtg2 ofis pon amik cek even da byk kali staf ofis call their company suruh dtg ofis amik cek..(agaknyer company tue da kaya kot,hehe)
At this company, I got more experience work not just in office but outsider also such as be a secretariat for meeting, attend i serve u portal &
e-merah system launching at Putrajaya and many more. I’ve chance to see gelagat2 org bsr attend meeting, ade yg muka bengis, klaka, mcm2 lar. Beside that, I also involve myself at KMK convention at Putrajaya. From KMK, we all think how to overcome late contractor’s claim problems. In that case, we get more method to overcome these problems. Then, we make it in one book for submit and one presentation for perform to judges. At this tym, we all terpaksa blk uma lmbt coz want to finish the book. That’s mean, I’m not just doing my job at office but have a job at outsider.
So, I’m very happy did my practical training at there but sometimes I’m feel like miss to study…hahaha

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